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TeenMBA is a well-designed series of intense discussions and exciting activities that will change the way you look at the world in a day. You will learn that an authentic MBA is the vast set of skills used to construct a vision and turn it into reality that helps you and everyone around you. With the new lenses forged, you can finally understand the impact of commerce and technology on your everyday life. Our academic partner Cresta’s signature method of empowering students to think will help you reimagine your future and make the right choice among science, commerce and arts.


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Be The CEO Of Your Own Life With TeenMBA

Syllabus of teenMBA

1) The Secrets of Communication

You know that communication is key, but has anyone ever told how to use it to your advantage? You can, in fact, chalk out a formula to communicate with your parents and teachers. The success of giant companies is partly because they have mastered the secrets of communication. You can use the expressive power of language to change social opinions, form business alliances and persuade customers to buy a product that is unknown to them.

2) The Wonders of Marketing

It is said that good marketing makes the company look smart but great marketing makes the customer feel smart. From the moment we wake up, we use products that have been sold to us through clever, calibrated marketing campaigns. Apple took the world by storm not just by innovating products but by redefining the art of marketing. Did you know that your favorite brands study you to create products you love? Leveraging creative technology with their knowledge of you, they conduct well-timed marketing campaigns and deliver subtle messages that influence your buying decisions without your own knowledge!

3) The Simplicity of Finance

You may have used Paytm to transfer money, but have you ever wondered how Paytm earns money? Wise and down-to-earth teachers simplify the principles underlying the mountains of money that are moved everyday and the mountains that money moves. Believe it or not, understanding how finance in giant companies works can also help you manage your life better.

4) From Paper To Prototype

Indian society is no stranger to the concept of ‘jugaad’. Though it may seem trivial, this creative ability to learn and make things on the go is crucial in entrepreneurship. As many industrialists and successful entrepreneurs of the country have opined, creative entrepreneurship – or jugaad – is embedded in us.  Whatever it may be, the process of designing a successful product begins from a prototype – put together either as a necessity or fun-filled experimentation. The creativity required to generate an prototype or an idea, along with the entrepreneurial ability to go from prototype to product, is already within us. One only needs to start exploring.

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You may be one of those cool people who have memes for every occasion. However, did you know that memes are now hailed as the art form of the twenty-first century? Memes are not just private jokes that are publicly relatable; they are tools that can make us think twice as we laugh, art that brings together a community and instruments that can raise awareness, resist corruption and change the course of an election campaign!

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